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Farms Large and Small Suffer Damage as Climate Change Increases Extreme Weather Events

A recent article from Farm and Dairy talks about a new, 800-page report from the National Climate Assessment and what the predicted climate changes might mean for agricultural production in the U.S. The report, put together by hundreds of science experts and multiple federal agencies, warns that the U.S. could see major agricultural losses due to climate change by 2050, which could affect food availability for millions of people. And, in many regions, farms are already feeling the disruption.

According to the report, the effects of climate change are diverse and far-reaching. If change continues in the current direction, many major food-producing regions will be affected, including:

  • The Midwest. Intense storms, flooding, and extreme temperatures are the main concerns in the Midwest, creating problems with crop and livestock losses. Climate changes may also indirectly damage crops and livestock by increasing pests, disease, and invasive weeds.
  • The Northeast. In the Northeast, especially along coasts and rivers, flooding is an even more extreme threat to agriculture. Although the damage from storms and temperature fluctuations can be severe, the soggy aftermath can take an even bigger toll on the region’s agriculture.  
  • The Great Lakes. The Great Lakes region faces similar threats as other regions, but also could see an effect on commercial fishing and fish farming as climate changes affect algal bloom and species competition.

Other areas of the U.S. are not immune, as farmers in more southern or western states are likely to face —or have already faced—similar concerns and effects on the production as climate change evolves.  

Preparing Agricultural Businesses for Unpredictable Weather

Many farmers have already seen the effects of extreme weather conditions in the last few years, including damage from tornados, wind, hail, drought, unexpected temperature changes, and other issues that have affected crop production across the nation. Some farms that have taken a big financial hit due to crop or livestock loss in recent storms have had to make the decision to close up shop, and the idea that extreme weather conditions could continue to worsen is a scary one for many in the agricultural business.

As the weather becomes less predictable and more extreme, it is all the more important to have a plan of action in place for your farm in case of loss. For more information about filing an agricultural loss claim, your policyholder rights, or choosing the right coverage to protect your business, contact The Voss Law Firm today.

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