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4 Things Not to Do After a Farm or Crop Is Damaged by Severe Winds

Farm insurance policies are some of the most complex policies around, and how each type of farm or agricultural operation is covered in the event of wind damage can be very different. While you should be familiar with the types of damage your wind insurance policy might cover, you may still have trouble making sense of your claim when the worst happens. Here are four tips for what not to do when your farm has been damaged by high winds:

  1. Don’t forget to notify your insurance company. It is your responsibility to let your insurance company know what happened and make arrangements to file a claim. If you wait too long to notify your wind insurance company, you could hurt your claim.
  2. Don’t clear or replant until the damage has been assessed. If you start taking steps toward replanting and repairing before the damage has been documented and looked over by the insurance adjuster, you could wreck the value of your insurance claim. Aside from repairs needed to mitigate losses or improve safety, wait until all assessments are complete before you start moving forward with recovery from the storm.
  3. Don’t accept less than you think your claim is worth without speaking with an attorney first. Some agricultural policyholders just assume that the insurance company will automatically offer the full cost of repair or replanting, but many are unhappily surprised at the offer they’re given. Before you decide to accept less, realize that it may be possible to fight low-ball offers and maximize your claim for losses.
  4. Don’t give up hope if your wind-damage claim is initially denied. Wind claims aren’t always covered, but the reason for a denial isn’t always clear. Before you give up on getting the coverage you deserve for a wind-related claim, talk over your concerns with an experienced policyholder attorney.

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