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Fires Are Destructive for Agricultural Operations of All Types and Sizes

No matter what kind of agricultural operation you’re in charge of, there’s still a risk for damaging fires. It doesn’t take much to start a blaze, and many major fire losses begin with issues common to farmers around the United States, such as simple equipment malfunctions, poorly installed or maintained wiring, ventilation issues, or even natural wildfires.  

Depending on the type of farm affected, the fires losses sustained can include damage to:

  • Pastures
  • Livestock
  • Crops
  • Trees
  • Machinery
  • Farmhouses
  • Barns and other structures

Farmers may share a similarly devastating price tag after an agricultural fire, but it’s important to remember that each farm fire is still unique—and so is the fire coverage each agricultural policyholder carries. Whether you’re dealing with hundreds of injured livestock animals or the loss of essential farm equipment for a small operation, it’s up to you to understand the policies you carry and take steps to maximize your recovery. 

Insurance Coverage for Fire Damage Can Vary in Agricultural Claims

Although the type of farm you own may not make a much of a difference in your risk for damaging fires, the type of fire coverage you carry does. Farm policies are often made up of a mix of homeowner and business coverage, and the features and types of loss that are covered usually vary a lot from farm to farm. In the aftermath of a major fire, agricultural policyholders may find that their coverage doesn’t work the way they expected, and it can take experienced legal assistance to get accurate answers about what an individual fire claim might be worth.

Learn more about taking control of an insurance claim for agricultural fire losses. Take a moment today to request a free copy of our eye-opening book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims, or contact our law office directly for one-on-one help.

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