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Governments and Public Entities Can Suffer Across-the-Board Damages in a Hailstorm

When hail pelts a region, it can seem like no property is spared the damage. Homeowners, business owners, and property owners of all kinds are left to clean up the damage and get ready to file their hail insurance claims. For governments and public agencies, however, that extensive damage can represent unique challenges on a number of properties—and extremely costly losses over an entire city, county, or state.

Numerous Types of Governmental or Public Properties Can Be Affected by Hail

While most home and business owners in the region may only be filing moderate claims for a roof or windows in a single structures, governmental policyholders could be looking at an extremely costly price tag on damages to all kinds of property, including:

  • Trees, parks, and landscaping
  • Roofing systems and windows on governmental and administrative buildings
  • Roads and transportation systems
  • Waste and water treatment equipment and facilities
  • Damage to other public services and utility equipment
  • Storage yards for equipment
  • Public areas, such as sidewalks and parking lots

Getting Answers About Governmental Hail Insurance Coverage After a Major Storm

While public agencies and local governments are under a lot of pressure to recover from a hailstorm quickly and restore services to the community, there isn’t always a budget ready to cover unexpected storm damages. This leaves many policyholders waiting for assessments, estimates, analysis, negotiation, and payment on vast and complicated insurance claims, and it can be a long wait for resolution.

If you have questions about a governmental hail-damage claim that has been delayed, denied, or undervalued, don’t wait any longer to get answers. Our experienced attorneys have worked with governmental policyholders across the United States to maximize their insurance claims, and we encourage you to discuss you concerns with us by calling 888-614-7730 or using the Live Chat on this page.

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