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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Defamation Claim in a Business Dispute

In the world that we live in, businesses are sometime unscrupulous and attempt to cause harm to another business in order to obtain the other company's clients and increase profits. Not everyone in business acts this way, but it seems like more individuals and companies are participating in acts of defamation and are involved in business disputes involving tort litigation in Texas than ever before.

In order to understand if you have been a victim of defamation, let's look at the definition. Defamation involves libel or slander against an individual or company. When a person or business makes slanderous, libelous of defamatory statements to a third party about you or your business, you may have a potential legal claim against that party if damages can be proven.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer to Fight Your Defamation Claim in a Business Dispute?

Libel - As a Texas business litigation attorney, I fight against written defamation that hurts businesses. False written words in newspapers or magazines such as published articles can cause harm to a business. Other written words in the form of official reports, e-mail, and even Tweets, Facebook posts, and various statements written on the internet and other social media sites can devastate a company.

Slander - As a Houston business litigation lawyer, I stand up to those who use slander in attempts to hurt other companies. Slander is defamation in the form of an oral statement that could include accusations that may cause irreparable harm to a business.

Defamation Needs to Be Proven

Words and statements can hurt a person or business and can have a devastating impact on a company's or individual's reputation. Such damages could include a company's economic loss or damage to an individual's employment status.

When a person or business participates in libel or slander and causes real harm to another company or individual, the party that suffered the humiliation or damage to their business can sue. In order to sue for compensatory and punitive damages, defamation has to be proven. A company will have to show that they suffered a financial loss or some form of damage such as an irreparable reputation.

For more information about defamation law in Texas and to find out if you have a legal case against a person or business that participated in libel or slander against you or your company, contact the Houston, Texas business litigation attorneys at the Voss Law Firm at (866) 276-6179.

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