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Eleven States See Destruction From Tropical Storm Bill

Has the heavy recent rain in the Midwest affected you?After making landfall in Texas, Tropical Storm Bill went on to drop heavy rains across the Central U.S. and toward the East Coast. At least eleven states were hit by severe weather related to Bill, including:

  • Arkansas. Like many other states in the South and Midwest, Arkansas had already been soaked by heavy spring rains before Tropical Storm Bill developed. The additional rain from Bill hit already saturated land and swollen rivers, increasing the flood threat for a number of residents. A funnel cloud was reported, but it was unclear if it touched down or was confirmed.
  • Illinois. More rain fell across Illinois, with a reported 8.26 inches of rainfall near Fults. On June 19, an EF1 tornado was reported near Symerton as storm systems related to Bill battered the state.
  • Indiana. More than eight inches of rain affected areas of Indiana, with a reported 8.8 inches of rain near Plainville. An EF0 tornado touched down near Troy, and winds and flooding were affecting numerous residents.
  • Louisiana. Along with bands of severe weather, the southwest coast of the state was also affected by storm surge that hit during the early-morning high tide when Bill made landfall in Texas on June 16.  
  • Missouri. A reported 8.25 inches of rain fell near Fordland as a result of Bill, which added to flooding from heavy rains early in the week. The James River near Springfield reported a record-breaking rise, and many areas were flooded in the path of the storm.
  • Ohio. Although Bill had lost intensity as it moved to Ohio, the severe weather it brought to the Ohio Valley only added to the flooding and losses from days of rain preceding Bill.
  • Oklahoma. A flash-flood emergency was issued by the National Weather Service in Ardmore, where at least one person was killed as a result of flooding. A rainfall of 12.53 inches reported in the area around Healdton. There was also a closure of I-35 due to rockslide in Murray County, which created long detours for travelers. A record-breaking crest was reported for Washita River at Dickson.
  • Pennsylvania. Cumberland County, including Mechanicsburg, was hit by severe weather related to Tropical Storm Bill. Streets were flooded and much of the state was under a flash-flood warning. A transformer explosion was reported in Mt. Holly Springs.

Severe storms and high winds were also reported all the way to the Northeast as Bill wound down to a post-tropical storm and moved back out to sea on June 21.

Policyholders Across the Nation Preparing to File Insurance Claims for Bill’s Damage

Now that Bill has moved off the northeast coast, many home and business owners are starting the laborious process of estimating the destruction and filing claims with the their insurance companies. If you are having trouble resolving a claim related to Tropical Storm or Tropical Depression Bill, you can get immediate help and a free case review by contacting the experienced legal team with the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730.


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