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The Extent of Wind Damage to a Condo May Not Be Uncovered by a Rushed or Sloppy Assessment

High winds can shred roofing materials, cause leaks, break windows, and tear siding from condominium buildings, but it isn’t always easy for condo owners to get a fair resolution for their wind-damage claims. The contractors and insurance company personnel who perform the initial assessments after a windstorm are often short on time, but the real extent of damage done by a windstorm may not be discovered when assessments are rushed, sloppy, or cut corners. Here are a few tips for avoiding the problem of an incomplete or inadequate assessment of condo wind damage:

  • Be present for all assessments. Being present for inspections and assessments lets you see everything that goes on, and you can help answer questions about the damage and point out potential problems. It can also help you spot problems with how the assessment was conducted and make decisions about how to proceed.
  • Conduct an independent assessment of damages with a qualified professional. Insurance companies often undervalue windstorm claims or deny that the losses were actually covered under the unit owner’s or condominium association’s policy.
  • Contact an experienced policyholder attorney about continued delays and denials after a hurried assessment. If you believe the insurance company is making decisions about the claims process based on an inadequate assessment and estimation, you may want to make contact with a policyholder attorney who can help you maximize your claims and beat unfair denials.

The Resolution of a Condo Wind-Damage Claim Can Hinge on the Adequacy of the Damage Assessment

Although you may not know much about wind damages or condo repair, you can probably guess that a rushed assessment won’t give the full picture of your losses. By being proactive about assessing losses and hiring qualified professionals, you have a much better chance of avoiding claim-threatening problems down the road.

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