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Doctors Shorted in Letter-of-Protection Cases

Posted on May 05, 2011
Many times, when someone is injured in a Texas car accident or other personal injury case, that victim (the plaintiff) brings a lawsuit against the negligent party and their insurance company. These lawsuits take time, but the victim's injuries need immediate attention, and many victims do not have the medical insurance to cover their costs.

As such, the victim hires an attorney to represent his interests, and a lawyer may make a deal with a doctor or clinic to provide medical services to the victim without payment upfront. These agreements are made between the health-care provider and plaintiff's lawyer with a "letter-of-protection."

This contract indicates that the plaintiff's lawyer will pay the medical invoices to the doctor or medical facility from the settlement, once the lawsuit is resolved.

What happens when these medical invoices aren't paid? Unfortunately, these doctors could be out the money for services they already rendered.

In Texas, there have been many doctors, clinics, and medical facilities that have not received payment for medical invoices and are now turning the tables on lawyers for non-payment of services.

Texas litigation lawyer Bill Voss has represented over 50 doctors in the past four years in these types of matters. Although it is not enjoyable to bring a lawsuit against another lawyer, sometimes it is necessary. When a lawyer fails to honor the letter-of-protection, doctors and medical facilities still deserve their payment for services they previously performed.

Most of the time plaintiff's lawyers that are in breach of contract will want to handle these matters outside of the courtroom. However, if lawyers don't respond to settlement requests, sometimes a lawsuit is filed to take these letter-of-protection matters to trial, before a judge and jury.

Attorney Bill Voss, of the Voss Law Firm, has been successful in helping doctors and medical facilities sue plaintiff's lawyers for breach-of-contract for failing to honor their letter of protection. Now the Voss Law Firm receives calls from doctors - not just in the Houston area - throughout the state of Texas and even around the country.

If your medical clinic has been shorted money due to non-payment of services from plaintiff's lawyers, please contact the Voss Law Firm for a free legal consultation at 888-614-7730.

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