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Roof Blows Off Waltham, Massachusetts, Condos in Hurricane Sandy

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

For those who lived through Hurricane Sandy, they know just how fierce the winds were the evening of October 29, 2012 – powerful enough to rip off a roof, tear down trees, and cause other damages to both the man-made and the natural parts of the northeastern United States environment.

For one Waltham condominium complex, this is exactly what happened.  As Hurricane Sandy began to bear down on the city of Waltham, the roof of a condo building was partially torn off, forcing 25 residents to evacuate their residences. The powerful winds tore part of the roofs off of the Glen Meadow Condominiums. In fact, the roofs of buildings 8 and 11 were blown completely off.

Now officials are trying to determine why some of the condominium roofs blew off and others didn’t by analyzing why the rubber membranes, which are only five years old, ripped off along with the framing structure. Currently, engineers and city officials are reviewing the roofs and damaged condominium complex to determine a more specific reason as to why the roofs blew off during Hurricane Sandy.

In the meantime, repairs have begun so that the 25 families displaced can return to their condos just as soon as possible. Additionally, building inspectors are planning to review building 10’s roof to determine if it is sound.

Residents in other east coast states have also suffered condo property damages and many residents are forced to deal with condominium insurance claims and lawsuits against their condo boards following Hurricane Sandy.

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