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Residential and Commercial Properties Across Missouri Affected by More Storms Just Before Holiday Weekend

Overnight storms caused widespread destruction in parts of Missouri between Wednesday, July 1, and Thursday, July 2, meaning that Dark Storm Clouds Swirling in the Skymany residents and business owners started the July Fourth holiday weekend looking at the devastation to their properties. Here are some of the damages reported across the state:

  • A tornado touched down in Lee’s Summit—one of the suburbs of Kansas City—and damaged multiple structures, including a fireworks trailer set up for the holiday weekend. Another tornado also touched down in Pleasant Hill.
  • Mercy Hospital in Crystal City had to move 20 patients as the emergency room filled with water from flash flooding.
  • In the small town of Festus, Missouri, six inches of rain fell overnight and breached a levee. Two mobile home parks were flooded, and more than 60 residents were rescued from the rising waters.  
  • Other areas south of St. Louis were also affected by flash flooding, and Highway Patrol crews were searching for people who may have been swept away by floodwaters. At least one body was recovered, and crews were still searching for the occupants of other cars abandoned on flooded roads.
  • High winds and devastating rains affected many more communities across the state, with flooding being the biggest cause of property damage and evacuations.

Missouri Already Battered by Storms Earlier in the Season

Unfortunately, these storms were only the most recent to batter Missouri and other parts of the Midwest this year. Home and business owners in the state have already been taking steps to recover from flooding in June, which was already exacerbated once by the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill. Due to the seemingly non-stop severe storms and heavy rains that have affected the region, many people have now been displaced from their homes, and many businesses have had to close their doors. But it’s not over yet—even more severe weather is expected in the Midwest as the summer of 2015 wears on.  

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