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Calculating the Full Extent of Hail Damage to Your Golf Course

Your members expect the very best experiences at your golf course, from smooth greens to quality service. Unfortunately, a sudden hail storm can prove to be the beginning of the end of a great customer relationship. Without proper insurance coverage, club owners will be unable to repair damage quickly, losing clients and event bookings as a result. Attorney Bill Voss examines how hail damages losses can affect a golf course’s future, and what to consider when making a hail claim.

Hail Damage to Golf Courses Goes Beyond the Greens

The first thing many owners turn to after a hail storm is the condition of the greens. Pea-sized hail can pepper sand and signage with pockmarks, while baseball-sized hail can make it lookHail and Golf Courses: What You Need to Know About the Damage as though wild horses were let loose on the course. Preserving the landscape requires quick action on the part of owners, including aerating the soil, rolling new turf or applying seed, and adding extra nitrogen fertilizer to help speed up the damaged areas recovery process. In addition, flood damage to golf courses is typically not covered under standard insurance, requiring a separate flood damage policy.

However, there are more damages that should be added to the total amount of your claim. When estimating your losses, consider the state of your golf course’s:

  • Structures. Insurance may cover damage to the roof and siding of your clubhouse, but more extensive policies will pay for damage to bunkers, benches, outbuildings, decks, and signage.
  • Cars. Smashed windows, dented bodywork, and broken taillights are a common sight in parking lots after a major hailstorm. If your policy does not include commercial auto damage for company vehicles or liability coverage for your guests, you could be on the hook for repair costs.
  • Trees. Hailstones of any size can shred foliage and damage tree limbs, many of which may need to be removed for the safety of your guests.
  • Special events. Nobody can control when a storm happens, but there are ways to control the aftermath of a storm that occurs right before a major event. If a tournament, wedding, or other large gathering must be rescheduled or moved to another venue due to hail damage, club owners can replace the lost income with business interruption coverage.

If you are having trouble getting the full value of your hail damage claim, the Voss Law Firm can investigate the details, examine your policy, and fight on your behalf. Simply fill out the contact form on this page today or order a free copy of our book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This BEFORE Filing an Insurance Claim.


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