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Preventing Water Damage in Industrial Complexes

Water damage can happen all at once—due to a burst pipe or a flood—or it can happen slowly over weeks and months as a small leak destroys wood and creates mold. Issues with water can cost a business thousands or even millions of dollars, whereas prevention can save you in the long run.

How can you prevent water damage in your commercial property or industrial facility?

  • Maintenance is key. Water damage is often caused by heating and cooling systems, plumbing issues, sewer issues, and drainage problems. In industrial buildings, water damage can also stem from machinery. Making sure that all of these systems are working properly can prevent disasters, and routine maintenance can mean avoiding extensive issues.
  • Fix even small problems. Water is persistent; think about how the Grand Canyon was formed over many thousands of years. Even small leaks can have huge consequences. Don’t let small water issues fester. You may find yourself dealing with extensive damage and mold issues down the road.
  • Your roof keeps water out! Yes, fixing your roof can be expensive, but it is not as expensive as restoring an entire building after water damage. Think of your roof as the last line of defense your building has against rain and snow.
  • Be prepared for storms. Many water damage incidents come after large weather events, from hurricanes and downpours to flooding and cold snaps. If your building is prepared for these types of severe events, you are less likely to sustain water damage.

Although you can often minimize the extent of water damage, and while you can prevent some water damage altogether, it is impossible to prevent all water damage events. When your industrial property does sustain water damage, you may wish to file an insurance claim. If you need assistance with this claim, we may be able to help. Call the Voss Law Firm today to speak with an experienced industrial insurance claim attorney: 888-614-7730.

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Laurie Conner 09/11/2014 05:07 PM
Great article. Another item that should be added to this list is to install an early warning leak detection and monitoring system. This system will alarm in the presence of water, and let building personnel know the precise location of the water leak, which can then be addressed.
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