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How do you know if you qualify for the Fentanyl patch lawsuit?

Because of defects in manufacturing and design, some of pain patches allowed excessive pain medication levels into the bloodstream without the patient’s knowledge. The Fentanyl patch and Duragesic skin patch, along with other generic products, have caused deaths and serious side effects from overdoses of Fentanyl in patients. This defect has been linked to respiratory depression, decreased blood pressure, coma and even death. 

If you were injured or you lost a loved one due to the Duragesic skin patch or the Fentanyl pain patch, medication error may be to blame. You may qualify for benefits under the Fentanyl patch lawsuit if one of the following occurred:
  • You received a prescription for the pain patch without the doctor finding out what other medication you or a loved one was on. These patches are not intended to be used with other medication that affect how Fentanyl is broken down in the body or combined with medicines that affect brain function.
  • You received a prescription for the skin patch for pain that was not persistent or constant. If this pain patch was prescribed to you or a loved one after an operation for short-term pain, you may qualify for the Fentanyl patch lawsuit. This is because these types of skin patches should only be given to people with chronic pain who are already taking other narcotic painkillers. 
  • You received a prescription for the Fentanyl patch or Duragesic patch without warnings about the medication. The FDA has indicated that patients should be informed about the dangers of this medication and directions for safe use of the patch. 
If you were injured or lost a family member due to the Fentanyl pain patch, you should speak with a caring and experienced Texas dangerous drug attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to find out your rights in a free legal consultation.
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