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I Believe I Was a Victim of Coin Fraud by Blanchard Co. What Should I Do?

Every year many consumers are taken advantage of by precious metal dealers and sellers of gold coins. Although dealing with a reputable company should alleviate some of the risk of fraud, it doesn't completely eliminate it. If you have been a victim of coin fraud or have a claim against Blanchard & Co. for gold fraud or unethical practices, you may be entitled to damages.

If you were overcharged for gold coins, promised your coins were going to increase in value, or if you received a different coin than what you ordered, you may have a claim against Blanchard & Co. An investment fraud attorney who specializes in gold fraud and rare coin fraud litigation will be able to explain your legal rights, and tell you if you have a case against Blanchard & Co.

Call an experienced coin fraud attorney at the Voss Law Firm regarding your case at (866) 276-6179 for a free consultation. You may be able to get back what is rightfully yours and collect compensation.
You can also download a FREE copy of attorney Bill Voss's book: Coin Fraud - Is Your Investment At Risk.
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