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How can my small marine business push for a fair outcome after an insurance claim for losses has been denied?

If you’ve been trying to resolve a claim for losses under your marine insurance policy and just can’t come to a resolution that works for you, it’s worth reaching out to an experienced policyholder attorney to review your case. Every marine business has different needs and different coverage, and marine insurance policies can be very complicated. When you start running into additional complications like denials, delays, or insufficient offers, it’s time to bring in a legal professional who has experience with these kinds of claims and can effectively protect your interests.

While you may feel that it’s obvious that your claim is legitimate or worth more than the adjuster has offered, even legitimate claims can be a struggle to resolve successfully. A skilled policyholder attorney can lend additional leverage to your claim when the going gets complicated, and he or she can help you take the steps to maximize your claim, support your case, and reverse an unfair denial under your marine insurance coverage. The insurance company has a team of highly trained legal professionals working on your claim, and the best way to navigate challenges is to hire a highly experienced legal team that can work on the side of your marine business.

You can avoid serious mistakes, delays, denials, and traps by arming yourself with information and insider tips for handling insurance claims. Start learning more today by requesting your free copy of our book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance, or contact our policyholder attorneys directly for personalized help with your questions and concerns.

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