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Should I buy gold coins from TV?

Although it seems rather simple and easy to purchase gold coins from TV, it is more dangerous than you realize. There are numerous reasons that it may not be a good idea to purchase gold off of television shows.
First, you have to call the phone number listed on the television. The person who picks up the other end of the line is a trained salesperson who has many different angles to try to upsell you. You may have just wanted to purchase one coin, but they generally don’t let you off that easy. 
They will try to keep you on the phone and use their unethical sales practices to try and sell you rare gold coins or something else, such as a higher-priced coin. They may make whatever they are selling you sound great and promise that the coin will appreciate in value, but remember that they probably make commission off of you. 
Additionally, they often sell gold well over the melt value and they may trick you on the spot price. Their tricks are countless, and you do not really know who you are dealing with on the other end of the phone. 
While not every gold company on TV is perpetrating gold coin scams, many are. It is best to not purchase gold coins or gold bullion on TV, but to call a reputable dealer instead. 
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