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What is the difference between a verification service and a grading service?

A verification service and a grading service are indeed different models. For example, Certified Acceptance Corp (CAC) is different from Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC). One is a verification service and the other is a grading service.

CAC is a verification service that stickers coins they consider solid-for-the-grade. They are owned by retailers and have a trading network. They sticker coins they like and that they think are graded appropriately. However, because they have only been around for a couple of years, they have only seen a small percentage of graded coins.

This means that any coin without their CAC sticker is not inferior to one with a sticker. There are plenty of properly graded coins by NGC and PCGS, which are considered the two top grading services, that are in holders without the CAC sticker. Buyers and investors just need to do their homework before purchasing coins because there are many dealers that misrepresent coins to their clients by housing them in holders from unconventional grading services - attempting to sell them for more than they are worth.

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