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What should I do if the insurance company will not replace my entire roof after a hail storm?

Insurance companies like to save money, which means that if they can get away with replacing some shingles instead of an entire roof, they will. If they indicate that hail damaged the front portion of the roof, they may only approve shingle replacement instead of paying for a new roof. However, if you disagree with them, you do not have to accept their settlement. Instead, you have the following rights:

  • You can request a re-inspection by another insurance adjuster.
  • You can have a contractor or an experienced roofer be present at the time of the second inspection.
  • The roofing contractor can show the adjuster the hard-to-see roof damages that the adjuster may have overlooked.

Many times people are able to get the outcome they want by requesting a second inspection. Sometimes, insurance adjusters are tired, inexperienced or didn't review a large enough area of the roof before they made their decision. This is why a second review is generally beneficial, especially when an experienced roofer walks the roof with the adjuster.

If the insurance company still denies your roof damage claim, or pays too little for repairs, you can appeal its decision. During this stage in the process, it is helpful to have an insurance claim attorney on your side. A lawyer skilled in insurance claims will know what you truly deserve and can fight to get you fair compensation.

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