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Why get an attorney involved in a governmental insurance claim?

There are a number of reasons to seek legal advice about a governmental storm or damage claim, but it really boils down to having an ally on your side who knows how the insurance industry works for large-scale and high-profile claims. An attorney who has experience negotiating and litigating insurance claims on behalf of governmental policyholders can offer the knowledge, skill, and resources necessary to:

  • Protect your interests when insurance companies don’t play fair. Even on the governmental level, there is a risk of unfair delays or denials. An attorney can make sure you are able to avoid common mistakes and manipulations that can reduce the compensation you receive.
  • Take over in large-scale claims and instances where coverage is provided under numerous policies and programs. A municipality’s coverage can be complex, spanning a number of different policies. In addition, municipalities and government agencies may be able to rely on state or federal assistance programs. An attorney can make sure that you pursue every avenue available for recovery.
  • Make sure appropriate procedures are followed and deadlines are met. Because governmental claims often affect a number of people and organizations, it’s crucial that every deadline is met and appropriate documentation is submitted. Even a small mistake can delay the coverage payments you depend on.

If you are responsible for a government agency or municipality, don’t lose control of large-scale insurance claims. Reach out to our experienced legal team by phone today to discuss your concerns in a one-on-one meeting with a policyholder attorney skilled in handling governmental claims, or use the contact form on this page to submit your questions to our team.

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