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Commercial Policyholders Can Fight Back Against “Bad Faith” Insurance Companies That Complicate Hail Claims

Hailstorms can affect almost every region and type of commercial property in the United States. These hail losses can be expensive and inconvenient for businesses, and claims are made even more difficult by insurance companies that act in “bad faith.” Although businesses depend on their hail coverage to help them recover after a severe storm, the truth is that hail claims account for a huge percentage of insurance payments every year—and insurance companies are willing to sometimes use unfair and inappropriate tactics to deter and limit legitimate commercial claims for losses. However, even when troubles arise, it is possible to fight back and maximize a hail claim.

What Kinds of “Bad Faith” Tactics Do Insurance Companies Use to Deny Commercial Claims for Hail Losses?

When insurance companies leave policyholders waiting without reason, deny legitimate claims, or lowball claim payments, they are acting in what is called “bad faith.” The insurance company that provides your commercial hail coverage has a duty to handle claims appropriately and promptly, and the company must pay for legitimate claims of commercial losses. If they don’t take these duties seriously and start acting in “bad faith,” policyholders may have to turn to legal action for a fair resolution.

An Experienced Attorney Helps Businesses Resolve Unfair Delays, Denials, and Underpayments of Hail Claims

Holding insurance companies accountable for denying and delaying legitimate hail claims isn’t easy. When faced with complications and difficulties, many businesses and companies choose to give up on their claims or accept underpayments. However, it is possible to fight for your policyholder rights. A legal team that has experience protecting companies engaged in insurance disputes can help policyholders get what they need out of their claims. The experienced attorneys with the Voss Law Firm can quickly identify problems, ensure fair treatment, explain the challenges a business faces, and build a strong case for maximizing a claim. Additionally, our team can provide litigation support if a fair settlement is not possible. 

Get Help With a Difficult Commercial Hail Insurance Claim Today

Don’t let an insurance dispute or unfair tactics threaten your business. If you are having trouble getting a fair outcome from a commercial hail insurance claim, take the time to read through our free book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This Before Filing an Insurance Claim. You can also arrange to discuss your concerns directly with one of our experienced policyholder attorneys today by calling our office or using the live-chat service on this page.

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