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Help Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims Following the McAllen Hailstorm

When hot and humid weather brings abundant moisture and abnormal heat, it can set the stage for a damaging thunderstorm. When large thunderstorms hit Texas and sweep across the South, the wind gusts, torrential rainfall, and large hail can be so strong that it can be dangerous and damaging.

Although hurricane season is upon us and can be extremely destructive to homes and properties, hailstorms can be equally as costly, as hail has caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. 

Hailstorms can sometimes feel as destructive as a hurricane and be very intense, as was the case in McAllen, Texas this year. During the end of March, a hailstorm moved across McAllen, causing more than $200 million in damages. The large hail that fell wreaked havoc and caused headaches for homeowners. Roofs were damaged during the storm, causing many McAllen residents to have to repair their rooftops. 

City officials commented that they had never seen anything like it and that the storm was very sudden and intense because of the combination of wind, rain, water, and hail. Unfortunately, the storm caused a lot of damage that many people were not prepared for.

Facts Surrounding this Texas Hailstorm Damage

The reality of this hailstorm is that it was almost a mini hurricane, and it has caused the following damages: 

  • Over 10,000 homes suffered damage.
  • Thousands of roofs need to be repaired. 
  • More than 12,000 cars were damaged.
  • Hundreds of traffic signals were knocked out by the hail. 
  • 40,000 cubic yards of debris were picked up after the storm. 
  • Over $200 million in damages occurred in this one hailstorm in one city, compared to $500 million in damages from Hurricane Dolly that caused damages over the entire Valley.

Hailstorms can be extremely costly and disastrous, and homeowners need to be reminded of the fact that a natural disaster can happen with almost no warning. This is why it is critical to know your insurance policy, what you are covered for, and what to do, and not to do regarding your Texas hail damage insurance claim. 

Help Filing Insurance Claims

For help understanding your policy, and to learn about your rights following hail damage or other types of property damage, you can call a knowledgeable hail damage insurance litigation lawyer at the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730. We will provide you with answers to your questions in a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Additionally, if your insurer has denied hail damage coverage, we may be able to help you appeal their decision and get you the claim payout you deserve. Call us today, and also request a free copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know.

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