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Take These Four Steps Now to Protect Your Condominium Before Disaster Strikes

After a storm or disaster damages your condominium, it’s normal to feel a little bit of panic. However, there are steps you can take now that can make it easier to recover your losses after an unexpected event. To help you get started, here are four ways you can take action to protect your condo today:

  • Understand how your condominium insurance coverage works. Damage to condominiums may be covered by the owner’s policy or the condominium association’s coverage. Make sure you know what losses are covered by each policy, and take steps to protect any property not covered by your current policies.
  • Photograph personal property. Use your camera or camera phone to snap some pictures of your property and belongings. Additionally, you will want to gather receipts for significant items, if available, and write down important information like the model, serial number, when you bought the item, how much you paid, etc. Aim to be as organized as possible, and ask questions if you aren’t sure how to inventory some property.
  • Have copies of your insurance policies readily available. If you don’t have a copy, request that your insurance company send it to you. You will also want to have contact information for the insurance company programmed into your phone and written down somewhere safe and easily accessible.
  • Keep important documents somewhere other than your home. It seems obvious, but many people put it off until it’s too late. Make it a point to keep a copy of your identification, insurance policies, important phone numbers, inventory of belongings, and other critical records in a safe place outside your home.  

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