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Oklahoma Homeowners Being Dropped By Insurance Companies

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

The recent major storms in Oklahoma have called attention to a big problem affecting homeowners in the state: insurance companies dropping them after they file more than one claim. In Oklahoma, state law prohibits residential insurance providers from dropping customers who file one claim. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the books that says the insurance companies can't drop homeowners after they have filed more than one claim.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department says that efforts are underway to protect insurance consumers. State officials are hoping to increase the number of claims a person can file before the insurance company has the option to drop them. News 9 in Oklahoma posted about the problem on its Facebook page. Dozens of residents commented, saying that they had been dropped from their insurance after filing more than one claim this year, or in past years. The angry people who lost their insurance said that it completely defeats the purpose of having homeowner’s insurance if you're just going to be dropped. Insurance is supposed to cover the costs of unexpected events that are caused by uncontrollable factors.

The Insurance Commissioner, John Doak, is speaking out to insurance companies and asking them to give customers more time to find new insurance if they are going to be dropped. He also does not want the companies to drop customers that already have open claims. Unfortunately, the insurance companies do not have to listen to Commissioner Doak if they don't want to, because they are merely suggestions and not law.

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