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State Farm: Cold Snap Causing Rise in Insurance Claims

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

State Farm Spokesperson Missy Dundov told WBIW Radio in Bedford, Indiana, that the insurance giant has seen a spike in property claims in the past week due to the near-record cold temperatures that swept threw the Midwest and East Coast in early January. While they are still compiling data that specifically shows an increase in cold-weather-related property insurance claims, Dundov stated that homeowners and business owners are reporting high numbers of broken pipes due to freezing, as well as roof damage related to ice dams. 

Called the “polar vortex,” arctic weather blew down from the north last week, causing temperatures to dip down into the negative numbers in the Midwest and down into the single digits in parts of the South. Some areas, such as Northern Minnesota, reported highs in the negative teens and wind chills as low as minus forty degrees. Many businesses closed their doors during the chill, while residents huddled inside and tried to keep warm. 

But the deep freeze didn’t just bring cold weather, it also created some serious problems for home and business owners. Pipes froze and burst, creating serious water damage in a wide array of properties, while ice dams—created when snow melts and then refreezes—collapsed a number of roofs and other structures. 

In many cases, damages caused by snowstorms, ice storms, and cold weather are covered by basic property insurance policies. To learn more about insurance claims and insurance company legal issues, download our free digital book, Disputes with Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know. 

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