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National Researchers Forecast At- or Below- Normal Numbers in 2014 Hurricane Season

According to an article from Yahoo! News, The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released a “near or below normal” hurricane forecast for the upcoming season, which is welcome news for the U.S. coastlines that have been battered by storms in recent years. However, although the hurricane forecast is lower than usual this year, NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan warns that “It only takes one devastating storm to make a destructive season.”

What Does a “Normal” Hurricane Season Look Like?

During a typical hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30 each year, there are approximately twelve tropical storms, and generally six of those tropical storms develop into hurricanes. Of those six hurricanes, two generally develop into Category 3 hurricanes each year.

According to this year’s forecast from NOAA, we are expected to see at- or below-normal numbers this hurricane season. Their forecast estimates somewhere in the range of eight to thirteen tropical storms and three to six hurricanes, with one or two of those hurricanes developing into major, Category 3 storms. Forecasters from Colorado State University came up with similar numbers for 2014. 

Why Is There a Lower Hurricane Forecast for 2014?

Forecasters are predicting fewer storms this year for a number of reasons, but the two primary factors are:

  • A high chance of an El Niño system forming
  • Cooler water temperatures in the Atlantic

Although the hurricane season this year is expected to produce fewer storms, business and property owners need to remember that it only takes a single storm to cause serious losses. If you need help making sure the insurance you carry will cover damage to your property, or if you are having trouble negotiating with your insurance company after hurricane damage, reach out to our experienced legal team for a free and personalized consultation—or take advantage of one of our many FREE books and offers for policyholders.

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