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Choice Roof Contractor Group Selects Voss Law Firm To Help Their Clients Resolve Troubled Insurance Claims

The Voss Law Firm has been selected by the Choice Roof Contractor Group as an invaluable resource to support its members when their roofing clients are having insurance-related issues. The Voss Firm has successfully handled thousands of insurance-related cases, ranging from small claims of $500 or less to claims up into the millions, which played a key part in the group’s decision to elevate the firm’s abilities and excellence in serving contractors and building owners.

“I’m really excited about working with the Voss Law Firm,” Choice Roof Contractor Group co-founder Jonathan Keim said. “They are some of the nation’s foremost experts when it comes to roof insurance-related litigation. Their team supports countless roofers, contractors and commercial building owners, helping them get fair treatment quickly.”

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a trusted association of commercial roofing contractors located throughout the United States and one of the most respected roofing associations in the nation. Endorsed Choice Roof Contractor Group members are among the only roofers in the U.S. to offer a “Lifetime Service Guarantee” on work performed, giving building owners the incredible reassurance that a trusted group member’s services will always be available to them should any problems arise over the lifetime of their roof.

In serving commercial and industrial building owners throughout the U.S., Choice Roof Contractor Group member companies come across insurance-related scenarios for which expert legal assistance is needed, and both the group’s members and their customers will be offered the consummate professionalism and expertise of the Voss firm.

The Voss Law Firm has spent years building its stellar reputation and developing good working relationships and open communication with the insurance attorneys the firm works with on a regular basis. Voss further does not collect money upfront from clients; the firm only gets paid when a case has been successfully won, which is a relief to the countless building owners who face dealing with insurance-related difficulties.

Voss Law Firm Clients Benefit As Well From New Relationship

The Choice Roof Contractor Group represents a useful resource for Voss patrons, as well. “Whenever a client is in need of a reliable roofing contractor, it is wonderful that we can refer them to the Choice Roof Contractor Group,” Bill Voss said. “When we have successfully won an insurance-related case and the client’s roof repair work can finally move forward, if the client is not already working with a roofing company, the Choice Roof Contractor Group presents an outstanding organization of professionals throughout the country who are some of the very best in their field, along with exceptional track records and verified guarantees.”

“Through its unique groupwide accountability model, the Choice Roof Contractor group is solving the age-old problem of finding a properly trained contractor that does quality, dependable work,” Mr. Voss continued. “It is amazing how this group shares resources and knowledge, enabling any group member to expertly handle a roofing project regardless of its scope by working with other expert commercial roofers. We know our clients will receive quality services through the Choice Roof Contractor Group each and every time, and we look forward to introducing this group to those individuals who need assistance with restoring their properties.”

Get The Insurance Claims Help You Need

When you find yourself facing roofing problems or an insurance-related roadblock, The Voss Law Firm and the Choice Roof Contractor Group are here to help you! For expert legal assistance, contact The Voss Law Firm toll free at 888-420-1172 or contact the firm online.

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