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The Voss Law Firm just got a brand new website, and it’s stylish and streamlined to give clients the very best online experience.

2016 promises to be another great year for The Voss Law Firm and along with continuing to offer experience and professionalism to clients in need of legal support after denied insurance claims; the website has gotten a brand new upgrade. Featuring a large stylish interface, finding the service or information you need has never been more easy.


Visiting the site recently, clients will be greeted by a large banner that contrasts beautifully with the sleek background and color scheme. The banner image doesn’t work like a typical banner, just scroll through the categories shown below and select the area you are seeking information on: clicking “Learn More” or the category box will send you to the general information page.


General information pages for Fire, Flood, Hail, Hurricane, Tornado and Wind will show you Frequently Asked Questions concerning those specific claims, Testimonials, and a brief description of what the litigation process entails for denial of that type of claim. Along with information on general topics concerning certain claims, clients can further their search and select a specific area of claim, such as: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Condominiums, Marine and Boat, Agricultural and Crops, Government Municipalities and Churches. More than just a pretty face, the site also offers a spectacular resource section that includes Library articles, Blogs, News, FAQs, Free Offers and more!


No matter the claim, The Voss Law Firm has an outstanding team of legal professionals who have the skills and experience clients need when fighting insurance companies for the money they need to rebuild after disaster; and now, the team has a brand new website to help future clients find the information and services they need quickly and efficiently. Welcome to the new


The Voss Law Firm

Our team of dedicated and experienced legal professionals assist individuals who have experienced the damaging effects of fire, wind, hail and most especially flooding after their insurance providers have denied their claim. If you are a residential owner who finds themselves denied by your insurance company, contact us today so we can fight for your much needed claim. For business owners seeking litigation for denial from your insurance provider, contact our experienced team to start your fight off right.
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The Voss Law Firm, P.C. represents clients on a local, national and international basis. We proudly serve companies and individuals along the Gulf Coast and around the globe on a contingency fee basis. Our law firm collects nothing unless we recover on our client's behalf.

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