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What can I do if my insurance claim for orchard losses is delayed?

Timelines for resolving agricultural claims can vary, but what happens when you suspect a delay has gone on too long? Delays can occur in crop insurance claims for a number of reasons, especially for temperamental, unpredictable, or delicate crops like tree fruits. Depending on the type of coverage you carry and the nature and extent of your losses, your claim may be delayed for legitimate reasons, including:

  • Waiting for harvest time in order to complete the assessment of fruit losses.
  • Requiring additional documentation and evidence of losses.
  • Estimating the full extent of losses after loss mitigation strategies—like juice or forage options—have been completed.

Unfortunately, there are also times when agricultural claims are unfairly delayed by insurance companies that are hoping to pressure fruit producers into accepting less for their claims or outwait those who hope to be compensated fairly under the coverage they hold. If you are having trouble finding out why a claim has been delayed or what you can do about it, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced policyholder attorney today. Our experienced legal professionals would be happy to investigate the cause of the delay and take action to make sure your insurance protection is working for you.

Even if you carry insurance for crop losses, you aren’t guaranteed fair compensation or an uncomplicated claim. To get the most out of the coverage you pay for, get armed with the clear information you need about the agricultural insurance industry. Reach out to our legal team today to request your free copy of our book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims.

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