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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About The Insurance Claim Process

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  • What can an industrial policyholder do if the insurance company refuses to return phone calls about a delayed fire claim?

    You’ve sent letters, left voice mails, talked to lower-level staff, and tried to call over and over again, but you still can’t get the answers you need about a delayed claim—does this sound familiar? If you’re having trouble getting through the insurance company about a fire-damage claim, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a problem many businesses and industrial operations run into after a fire, and the sad reality is that some insurance companies will purposefully avoid communicating with policyholders about delays.

    Why Won’t the Insurance Company Return Calls About an Industrial Fire Claim?

    There are a number of reasons an insurance company may become unresponsive to policyholder communication, including:

    • The insurance company hopes to benefit from the mystery. While recovering after a fire may be a priority for policyholders, insurance companies are often more interested in protecting their own bottom lines. By keeping a policyholder in the dark about delays and the progress of their claims, insurance companies can subtly pressure increasingly desperate policyholders.
    • You’re communicating with the wrong company, department, or representative. Industrial fire policies can be very complex, and it’s easy to make mistakes. The reason you’re not getting the answers you need may simply be because you’re trying to go through the wrong avenues.
    • The insurance company isn’t taking your claim seriously. Although insurance companies have some responsibility to pay claims promptly and communicate about complications, untrained staff or poor customer service can add up to frustrations for policyholders who need resolution after a fire.

    Depending on what’s at the root of your communication problem with your industrial fire insurance carrier, there may be a number actions you can take to assert your rights and open the lines of communication—but it may be wise to seek legal help in moving your claim forward.

    An Experienced Legal Team Can Help You Get the Answers and Responses You Need

    When insurance companies choose to act in “bad faith” by unfairly prolonging claims or refusing to communicate, policyholders suffer. However, there is help available if you can’t get answers from your insurer or find yourself in a dispute. You can talk about your concerns today with an attorney who has experience in similar industrial insurance claims and start learning how to assert your rights, and it’s easy to take the first step. To get started now, call our office directly, or fill out the quick contact form on this page.


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