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Should I sign a confidentiality agreement from the insurance company after a marine loss?

In many cases, signing a non-disclosure agreement could unnecessarily complicate your marine insurance claim. Without knowing more about the details of your insurance coverage and losses, it’s difficult to provide accurate and useful guidance on these matters. However, if you have any doubts about signing any kind of document related to a marine insurance claim, it is always appropriate to consult with an experienced policyholder attorney. An attorney can help you carefully review:

  • Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. Before you sign a non-disclosure agreement, realize that doing so could limit your leverage later on and weaken your marine insurance claim.
  • Settlement offers. Before you accept a payment from the insurance company, make sure that you know what your claim is worth, what it will take to recover fully from your marine losses, and that you are taking full advantage of your coverage.
  • Any document you don’t fully understand. Marine insurance is complicated even for those in the industry, and it helps to bring in a professional legal team to review any insurance-related documents for accuracy, effectiveness, and any potential limitations of your negotiating power.

It can be difficult to work toward a full recovery after a marine loss when you face delays, complications, and mistakes with your claim. For answers to your questions and help negotiating your claim, request your free copy of our book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance, or reach out to our team for immediate, one-on-one assistance with your concerns.

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