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“Acts of God” Mean No Insurance for Manitoba Town

Posted on Jun 06, 2013

If you live in an area notorious for its severe weather, you probably know what it's like to get your residence insured and try to convince your insurer to pay for your damages after a storm. Residents of the town of Ochre Beach in Manitoba, Canada have to deal not only with bitter cold but with deadly, moving walls of ice.

According to CBC News, the weather this past May has been severe even by Ochre Beach standards. The lakefront town is located 300 kilometers north of Winnipeg. Winds gusting at 90 kilometers per hour disrupted the ice on the nearby lake. The windstorm crashed a wall of ice into a row of lakeside cottages. "This is worse than a flood, because with a flood, the water just goes through and it's finished. With this, there's still so much ice out on the lake that if the wind picks up again, it could start all over," reported one resident. The problem is that no Canadian insurer will cover Ochre Beach's homes against wind or ice damage, given the prevailing conditions. Homeowners have been left to mop up the damage on their own Canadian dime.

Ochre Beach resident Rick Sorensen and his family just moved into their home three weeks ago. Now, he wonders if anything can be saved. “Basically, I've lost part of my life savings because that's what we used to build the house with. You know, with closing in at 60 [years of age], I'll kiss $400,000 goodbye,” he said.

Insurance companies say they will not provide any recovery assistance because an event of that magnitude is considered an act of God.

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