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2015 Hurricane Season – Experts Warn Strong Storm Possible

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

2015 Hurricane Season – Few Storms Predicted, But Experts Warn Devastating Storm Still Possible


Monday marked the beginning of the six-month Atlantic hurricane season, and with the imminent threat of storms comes the forecasts of meteorologists from major weather centers. Most are reporting a below average number of hurricanes for the 2015 season.



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Below average forecasts are due to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation cycle (ENSO), which was declared active in March, and is expected to intensify during the summer. Warmer than average oceanic temperatures in the Pacific near South America leads to fewer hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic; but causes an increase in storms in the eastern Pacific.

What Experts Are Warning

But hurricane experts are still warning that coastal cities should proceed with caution, and expect the unexpected. A mantra that resonates strongly with meteorologists during hurricane season—it only takes one.

The National Hurricane issued a tweet during forecast announcements warning of devastating storms during slow season. The most recent of those storms was the category 5 Hurricane Andrew which caused tremendous damage to South Florida and Louisiana in a year that saw little activity.

According to a local government study in 2010, “An Andrew-sized storm could cause more than $200 billion in damage” to a region like Tampa.

Forgetting What It’s Like

Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) meteorologist Kerry Emanuel says of the areas in the Gulf and East Coast, “It’s ripe for disaster…Everyone’s forgotten what it’s like.”

Devastation wrought by Hurricane Andrew which hit Southern Florida and Louisiana

Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is preparing for the worst, and fears that other are not doing the same. “Inexperienced people generally underestimate how bad it will be and make decision about staying when they should be evacuating.” Fugate further asserts, “You have to accept the fact that every time a major storm threatens it’s a new experience for 99 percent of the people involved.”

Always Be Prepared

The Voss Law Firm is committed to providing those in areas threatened by devastating storms the help they need to prepare themselves for the unexpected. Stay tuned throughout the months for up to date information, and breaking news on every formation threatening your safety.

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