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After a Texas Storm, Be on the Lookout for Roof Damage Clues

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

Many homeowners in North Texas are having their roofs repaired or replaced following the recent storms that moved through the area on January 29 and February 25, 2013. The severe weather that hit Dallas in January dropped hail and brought winds up to 50 miles per hour (mph), causing roof damage to many homes and commercial buildings in the area.


A Dallas-based roof contractor, K-Tech Roofing, is warning homeowners that “hail can do much more damage to roofs than people realize.” Many people don’t even know that their roofs are damaged because the signs can be difficult to detect at first. If homeowners aren’t inspecting their roofs for damages, they may not even realize that they suffered serious roof damage in the storm.


For this reason, it is critical to be on the lookout for the following clues and signs:

  • Missing shingles
  • Indentations in shingles
  • Broken shingles
  • Dents in metal vents
  • Holes in the roof
  • Asphalt granules in the gutters (this happens when pieces of the shingles break off from the hail and accumulate in the home’s gutters)

High winds also affected Austin properties about a month later, when wind gusts exceeded 60 mph. During the storm on February 25, many homes in Central Texas suffered shingle and roof damage from high winds or fallen trees that crashed onto roofs.


These storms should remind all Texans to check their properties for damages after every hail and windstorm. You don’t want to wait until you find your roof leaking before you file a residential insurance claim in Texas.

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