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After Sandy, NY Governor Announces New Emergency Disaster Protocol

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new Emergency Disaster Protocol (EDP) for New York insurers. The governor hopes that the procedure will make the insurance claims process easier if the region is struck by severe weather in the future.

The protocol includes the following courses of action:

  • Expedited insurance claims processing procedures.
  • Emergency licensing of new claims adjusters.
  • Permission for property owners to do immediate required repairs, especially to damage that is potentially dangerous.
  • Online report cards that will hold insurance companies publicly accountable for their actions.
  • A broader acceptance of proof of loss and damage, so that photographs, videos, and receipts are included.
  • A temporary moratorium on insurers cancelling policies in storm-stricken areas for non-payment of premiums.
  • An established mediation program for disputed claims.

All of these measures were written with Superstorm Sandy in mind. Many of the issues discussed in the EDP are the same issues that surfaced after the hurricane swept up the East Coast, causing billions of dollars in damage. Cuomo and New York State officials believe these new protocols will help avoid the insurance claim problems that property owners ran into when attempting to recover from the storm last year.

Cuomo stated, "During Superstorm Sandy, these steps helped us speed up relief to New York families and businesses and they will now become a standard part of our storm response arsenal. Insurance companies have a vital responsibility to promptly process claims for consumers hit by a natural disaster, and this new emergency protocol will help make sure that they live up to that standard."

One year after Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of homes and businesses are still damaged—and many property owners are still waiting for their insurance claims to be paid out. Many open insurance claims are in the mediation process with the assistance of a state-run program.

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