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Asiana Airlines Plans to Sue KTVU-LA for Slander

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

A San Francisco TV station is likely facing a slander lawsuit following their coverage of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash. Asiana Airlines has said that they plan to sue KTVU-TV for slander after their newscast featured fake, racist names for four of Flight 214's pilots. Asiana feels that their reputation was damaged by the racially offensive report.

KTVU-TV realized the names were not correct after it was too late and an anchor apologized on-air after a break. KTVU-TV says that they called The National Transportation Safety Board to verify the names before reading them on air and they were approved. The NTSB apologized and said that a summer intern accidentally confirmed the names when it was not within their jurisdiction to do so.

Asiana Airlines says they will not sue the NTSB because it was the TV news report, not the U.S. federal agency, which damaged their reputation. It is still unclear as to where the four fake names originated. Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said that Asiana has decided to sue KTVU-TV to "Strongly respond to its racially discriminatory report" that disparaged Asians.

The video of the newscast was uploaded to YouTube and went viral, surpassing the seven million view mark in only three days.

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