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Delaware Governments Receive Federal Money for Sandy Damages

Posted on Dec 29, 2012

While Hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy did not inflict the massive damage on the state of Delaware that it did on other states, parts of Delaware still suffered significantly. In fact, the heavy rains and strong winds swept away about a mile of protective dunes near the Indian River Inlet Bridge and caused flooding in areas of Kent, New Castle, and Sussex counties. Some roads, bridges, buildings, schools, public property, recreational areas, and utilities also suffered some damages during Sandy.

Because of this, President Obama declared a major disaster in Delaware due to the damages the state suffered. This declaration allows Delaware to receive federal money to aid them in emergency repairs to facilities, roads, bridges, schools, and other infrastructures. Although the state and local governments get the help of federal money after Sandy, homeowners and business owners in Delaware do not.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Delaware governments will get reimbursed for up to 75% of its costs for money spent to:

  • Prepare for Sandy
  • Cleanup the debris after Sandy
  • Devise with future storm mitigation projects
  • Repair roads and bridges
  • And other public property repairs

The state is currently working on reforming the dunes that were blown away and onto the inlet bridge’s access road, and also hardening the coastal stretch by inserting a wall of sheet metal into the sand, to protect the coast against rising seas.

While Govenor Jack Markell is thankful to the president for lending aid to Delaware, the government is disappointed that they can’t help residents and businesses who have suffered flood damage and property damage. He stated that “the only recourse for them is to get it back from their insurance company.”

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