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Homes, Schools, & More Suffered Straight-Line Windstorm Damage

Posted on Apr 06, 2013

A severe storm struck parts of Alabama on Monday, March 18, 2013, causing serious property damage. Numerous homes suffered hail damage and many residences throughout the state of Alabama reported structural damage. However, the majority of the damage was caused from straight-line winds. Some of the damages included:

  • Etowah County suffered widespread damage that left many trees and power lines down across the county.
  • Calhoun County reported roof damages and downed trees and power lines.
  • About two dozen trees fell on Alabama Highway 77.
  • A tree fell on the entrance to Mitchell Elementary School in Gadsden.
  • Trees fell on numerous homes in the Gadsden area.
  • Farm structures in DeKalb County reported heavy damages.
  • The Heil manufacturing plant suffered considerable roof damage.
  • Schools in Fort Payne sustained minor property damage and fences were blown down.

Some of the hardest hit areas included Altoona, Whorton’s Bend, Fort Payne, Kilpatrick, and Geraldine. Unfortunately, these straight-line winds were so strong that the winds uprooted trees and toppled them onto homes, causing roof damages and structural damages to occur. According to the state’s emergency management agency, eighteen counties reported property damage to residences and businesses in Alabama.


The storm also moved across Mississippi and Georgia dropping fist-sized hail, heavy rain, and packing high winds. Unfortunately, the storm caused many injuries and even a couple of deaths due to high winds and fallen trees.


These straight-line winds have led to many commercial and residential insurance claims for property damages and our insurance claim attorneys hope those who have sustained damages receive fair compensation from the insurance companies involved. Homeowners are, however, encouraged to call us if they would like help receiving fair compensation. 

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