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Joplin Residents File Nearly 17,000 Insurance Claims After Tornado

Posted on Jun 29, 2011
In the wake of one of the most deadly and costly storms in United States history, residents begin the process of filing storm damage claims and rebuilding their lives.

JOPLIN, MISSOURI (June 2011) - Thousands of volunteers swarmed the small city of Joplin, Missouri, in the days and weeks following the seventh most devastating tornado disaster in United States history. But while the volunteers helped search for survivors, provided meals and temporary shelters, and gave vital assistance in the cleanup effort, many Joplin business owners and residents will rely and depend solely upon on their insurance companies to provide them with the funds they need to repair and rebuild in the wake of the natural disaster.

Since the multiple-vortex tornado decimated an estimated 25 percent of the city on May 22, the Missouri Department of Insurance reports that just under 17,000 storm damage insurance claims have been filed by residents, including homeowners’ insurance claims, renters’ insurance claims, commercial business insurance claims, and car insurance claims. As more claims flood in, insurance companies are struggling to process millions of dollars in claims quickly and accurately. At the same time, homeowners and business owners are concerned that their tornado damage insurance claim settlements will be denied, delayed, improperly investigated, or underpaid.

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At the Voss Law Firm, we understand that the residents of Joplin have suffered a tragedy that is almost incomprehensible. The loss of life, the images of destruction, and the stories we have heard from survivors are nothing less than heart-wrenching. It is imperative that we ensure that all property owners affected by this disaster receive just settlements when it comes to their insurance claims.

While many insurance companies adhere to the contract that they have with their policyholders, some have been known to deny valid claims or act in bad faith, especially after a large disaster threatens to significantly harm company profits. We urge all storm victims to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable insurance claim attorney if they do not feel confident navigating the process alone. Those who have been offered less than they believe is fair and those who believe their claim has been wrongly denied are particularly encouraged to seek legal counsel.

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