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Most Expensive Natural Disasters Costs Billions in Property Damages

Posted on Oct 27, 2012

A lot of weather-related property damages have occurred this past summer from hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and droughts; however, it may be too soon to tell if the drought of 2012 will end up on the top-10 list of costliest weather events in America. Interested to know what events do make up this list? 

The 10 Most Costly American Natural Disasters Over the Past 35 Years Include:

10. Hurricane Ivan costing $17 billion in property damages was one of four hurricanes in 2004 to cost at least $10 billion in damages.

9. Hurricane Charley costs $18 billion in damages and was one of the four costly hurricanes that struck in 2004.

8. Hurricane Rita caused $19 billion in damages in 2005. This storm struck the coast a short time after Hurricane Katrina.

7. Hurricane Wilma tied Hurricane Rita at $19 billion in damages and was the fourth Category 5 hurricane of 2005 with winds reaching 185 mph.

6. Hurricane Ike reached $29 billion in losses and caused serious property damages in Galveston, Texas.

5. Midwest Flooding of 1993 caused $33 billion in damages and was called the “Great USA Flood of 1993.”

4. Hurricane Andrew costs $44 billion in damages. This Category 5 hurricane caught South Florida off-guard.

3. Drought and Heat Wave of 1980 reached $56 billion in damages to the Upper Midwest, Northeast, and across the U.S. heartland.

2. Drought and Heat Wave of 1988/1989 costs $100 billion in damages to the U.S. as much of the Midwest and Southwest suffered from drought and heat conditions. 

1. Hurricane Katrina costs $146 billion and has been the most expensive hurricane in U.S. history.

If you suffered property damage in any natural disaster, it can be expensive. Call a skilled policyholder attorney for help with your commercial and residential insurance claim today.

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