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Rain, Snow and Twisters Cause Property Damage Across U.S.

Posted on May 06, 2013

Residents in the Plains, Midwest and across Middle America saw Mother Nature at work on Thursday, April 18, 2013. There were tornadoes, strong winds, torrential rains, flooding and a sinkhole. Many homes and buildings sustained property damages from the fierce storms that moved through the nation. Some of the weather events and property damage that occurred on this day included:

  • Missouri – a twister touched down near Paris, Missouri. Straight line winds in Monroe City blew tractor-trailers off the road and caused residential and commercial property damage. Rivers were surging past their banks from the torrential rains.
  • Oklahoma – dozens of homes were damaged by a tornado that blew through Spavinaw. Plus, flash flooding occurred in parts of Oklahoma, as well as frost warnings in much of the state and also in parts of Kansas.
  • Chicago – a strong rainstorm pummeled the city, even causing a sinkhole to open up and swallow three cars. Also, areas around the city suffered flood damage from the heavy rains.
  • Minnesota and Dakotas – snow and ice warnings were still in effect. Parts of these states were trying to recover from the damage sustained in an ice storm a week earlier. About eight inches of snow fell on top of a thick layer of ice. This caused transmission lines and trees to snap that resulted in power outages and roof and other property damages.

Almost every community in the Midwest and Plains saw some sort of weather watch or warning on this day. Many individuals across Middle America filed commercial and residential insurance claims for the property damages suffered.

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