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Severe Storm Hits UK, Insurance Claims Rolling In

Posted on Jan 05, 2014

Thousands of property owners and business owners are filing insurance claim following a severe storm that affected the east coast of the United Kingdom on December 5, 2013.

According to the Post, the uncommonly powerful storm brought rain, heavy winds, and flooding to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, resulting in significant damage especially along the coastline. Although many towns and cities reported that their flood defense mechanisms worked to save many properties from damage, some areas were harmed by rising waters and especially high tides. Other buildings were damaged by winds, which were recorded at over 100 miles per hour in some areas.

As the storm struck land, many communities worked to sandbag danger areas, while other towns and cities evacuated residence to safer ground. Overall, though, authorities remarked that money spent on flood defenses along the North Sea likely prevented millions in property damage and perhaps even loss of life.

Currently, insurance claims in the United Kingdom are up by 400 percent, and insurance adjusters don’t believe that the rate of incoming claims will slow for several more days. Some companies pointed out that many families that were evacuated from their homes have not yet returned – and that they have yet to discover if any damage has affected their homes.

The Association of British Insurers stated that while storm damage can be stressful, emotional, and disruptive, property damage caused by storms is covered in standard home insurance policies. The more quickly residents file claims, the more quickly they can be resolved.

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