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Weekend News Roundup: August 24th

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

News From Around the Nation: Wildfires, Tropical Storm Danny and the Two Systems Forecasters are Watching.


Snow Summit, California—On Sunday, a 20-acre brush fire erupted near Snow Summit Ski Resort, south of Big Bear Lake: the ski resort is located in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. Since the blaze began, the affected area has grown to 100 acres, and is, as of today, 30% contained.

Mandatory evacuations are in affect for the following areas: Pennsylvania south between Knickerbocker Rd. and Jeffries,all areas south of Oak between Jeffries and Eureka, and all areas south of McWhinney between Eureka and Thrush Dr.

For more information, and an updated map of the areas affected visit the U.S. Forest Services’s InciWeb system website.

Okanogan, Washington—The Okanogan Complex of wildfires has an affected area of 374 square miles as of Sunday morning. Smoke began to lift over the Washington wildfires, but as experts weigh in, the fires could become more erratic and intense.

“It’s like a flue opening in a fireplace,” said Suzanne Flory, spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service and the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team. “Smoke serves as a cap on the fire.”

Located in north-central Washington state, the fires attributed to the loss of three firefighters, who died while battling the huge blaze.

Click Here to Learn More on the Okanogan Wildfire.

Tropical Storm Danny

After reaching Category 3 status on Friday, the storm lost power over the weekend as has since been downgraded to Tropical Depression status once more. The system is expected to make its way towards the Leeward Islands today, and the remnants to pass south of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands; which should receive some relief from the drought stricken region.

Two Storm Forecasters are Watching

As Danny continues its course, it’s expected to dissipate due to the dry air, and wind shear; two storms are being tracked as they make their ways westward. The first is being called Invest 98-L, and is expected to develop into a tropical depression early this week, and move in a similar fashion to Danny. As of now the storm system is several hundred miles west of Cape Verde Islands.

Behind the storm, is a tropical wave that has moved off the west coast of Africa. As of now the National Hurricane Center is giving this system a low chance of developing over the next five days, and is expected to be over the central Atlantic by late this week.

For more information on Danny, and the two systems Click Here.

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