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Weekend News Roundup: August 31st

Posted on Sep 01, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika

Just a day after Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in the sunshine state in anticipation of Tropical Storm Erika making landfall, the floundering storm dissipated over Hispaniola and Cuba.

While the storm is no longer expected to cause catastrophic damage, it is still a cause for concern as it makes its way with its remaining moisture. Previously heavy rainfall throughout Central Florida has lead to flash flood watches in affect for the entire state. Heavy rains are often underestimated, but one need only look at recent history to know the damaging effects of Tropical Storms: Allison in Texas, and recently Erika’s damage to the small Caribbean Island of Dominica.

Floridian’s are being cautioned to prepare for several inches of rain.

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Hurricane Fred

Located just off the coast of Africa, near Cape Verde Islands is recently formed Hurricane Fred. As of now there is no expected threat to the Caribbean or United States, but a Hurricane warning has been issued for the Cape Verde Islands. The small island nation has only experienced has only experienced one hurricane in 1892, since the official Atlantic tropical cyclone record began.

Hurricane Fred is the second most eastern formed hurricane on record, the first being Hurricane Vince, which formed off Madeira Island in 2005.

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The Daily Herald takes look back 25 years ago when one of the most devastating tornados hit the small suburb of Plainfield, Illinois. Twenty-nine people died, and more than 300 were hurt when the twister tore through the town.

Church bells rang out at 3:28 p.m. Friday—the exact time the tornado hit on August 28, 1990. There was no warning system in place, and the tremendous F-5 tornado destroyed 470 homes, and damaged 1,000 buildings.

Plainfield residents have rebuilt, and 25 years after the tragedy, the small down is thriving once again.

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