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Wind and Hail Damage Leads to High Number of Claims in Texas

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

According to State Farm, wind and hail damage is responsible for thousands upon thousands of dollars paid in claims every year, with the company paying over $3 billion in wind and hail claims across the nation in 2013. Anyone who lives in storm-prone areas knows that these kinds of weather conditions are frequently responsible for property damage, from minor to severe. Because of this, business owners and homeowners alike may look toward the dark clouds rolling in with a certain amount of trepidation.

State Farm recently released its annual statistics on hail and wind damage across the nation, including a top-ten list of the states with the largest number of insurance claims for wind- and hail-storm damage. 

According to State Farm’s numbers, here’s how the states rank in order of the most hail damage claims:

  1. 42,000 claims in Texas
  2. 26,000 claims in Illinois
  3. 25,000 claims in Georgia
  4. 17,000 claims in Oklahoma
  5. 15,000 claims in Minnesota
  6. 15,000 claims in Indiana
  7. 14,000 claims in Louisiana
  8. 14,000 claims in Ohio
  9. 13,000 claims in Mississippi
  10. 12,000 claims in Nebraska

Texas also topped the list for wind and hail damage claims in 2012.

Severe wind and hail storms can cause serious damage to property, destroying cars, roofs, buildings, and equipment. Although not every property owner files a claim for damage after a severe weather incident, many businesses and individuals are reliant on insurance claims to help them recover.

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