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With Spring Arriving, Homeowners Should Protect Against Mudslides

Posted on Mar 22, 2014

As spring approaches and the thaw begins across the country, insurance companies and natural disaster experts are warning property owners to be aware of the danger of rockslides and mudslides.

According to WSAZ Home and Garden Expert John Marra, reporting out of Huntington, West Virginia, mudslides are most common in the spring, as the repeated freezing and thawing of the ground can cause soil to loosen. This soil mixes with water from the melted snow or spring rains, causing large amounts of mud that can take rocks and even trees with it on its downward slide.

Do Basic Homeowners' Insurance Policies Cover Mudslides?

Unfortunately, your basic homeowners’ insurance policy does not likely cover damage done by mudslides. Some types of mudslides, like mudflows, may be covered by flood insurance, but to know for sure you should carefully read your policy or contact your insurance company. Why don’t insurance companies cover many types of mudslides? Because mudslide damage can be so widespread and expensive, covering those loss events would make the cost of insurance premiums skyrocket – or put the insurance companies in financial trouble.

What can you do to protect against mudslides this spring? Marra suggests that you keep your property well maintained by fertilizing your soil, caring for your trees, and keeping a look out for areas prone to mudslides. If you live on a property that has been affected by mudslides in the past, you may wish to shop for a homeowners’ insurance add-on or for a flood insurance policy.

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