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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: April 3 - 9

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Do you think your insurance claim is too obscure to be filed? In this week's insurance claim update, we help quash any fears you might have about your "strange" claim. But first we visit a more serious uncommon insurance claim that has serious ramifications.

standoff in Amarillo, Texas caused thousands of dollars in damage. The police came to a home with a warrant for a suspect. After a four-hour standoff, they broke down the door, damaged windows and sprayed a chemical irritant to get the suspect, who was actually not there. 

The house is unlivable right now due to the chemical irritant still being present. The owner of the house where the suspect was living has filed a claim; and he states that his insurance refuses to cover this unusual event. This situation speaks to the guilty party: who is at fault for the damage?

Not all strange claims need be heavily police-involved

Insurance companies are constantly bombarded with individuals seeking reimbursement for cherished, damaged or lost possessions and property.  

What is less likely to be covered, but people have tried anyway:

My pet rat did it!

An individual filed a claim for damage to their sofa. Who was the culprit: their pet rat. Claim was denied due to a policy clause that did not cover pest damage. 

I swear they're real!

A claim was made for an alleged theft of 19 "authentic" watches. The brands in the claim were: Rolex, Tag Heuer and Gucci. The policy holder failed to mention that the watches were actually fakes. Claim denied. 

It must have fallen off in the bathroom!

Sometimes claims are denied due to lack of care taken by the owner. Most logical individuals would not consider it a good idea to bring in (and take off) a $63,900 ring in a restaurant bathroom...and walk away from it to wash your hands. A woman did just that and her ring went missing. The insurance company deemed her claim a case of carelessness and denied payout. 

Silly or not, here it came paid in full

A specialized massage contraption for horses was stolen from a vehicle. The massager was valued at over $12,000. This sounds like a silly claim; but it was paid in full. 

It may very well be covered

According to AA Insurance, insurance policies probably cover more than you think.

What is probably covered (as long as you value it and properly store it):

  • heirloom or inherited possessions (e.g. furniture, jewelry, art)
  • hobbies (e.g. collectibles, Star Wars Toys, Barbies, etc.)
  • autographed items 
  • memorabilia 

Be specific about what you own

If you collect bottle caps, jade sculptures or some other obscure item, you need to spend the extra time to have it valued by a professional. This can make your claim go more smoothly if the time comes.

Protect them while you got them

Hopefully you are not waiting to file a claim for a damaged possession. So, in the meantime, properly store regular and irregular items, so that carelessness cannot be the reason for your denied claim.

If you believe that you were not at fault for the damage and your claim has been denied, contact us today. We specialize in getting clients the money they need after their insurance company denies their claims (Commercial, Industrial and Residential).

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