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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: February 14 - 20

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Future Claims Agents Could Use the Power of Drones to Make Adjustment

Drones have been a hot topic in the insurance industry lately. The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (AUVSI) is pushing for changes to drone regulations to allow more air space and widespread use of commercial drones. Insurance companies are interested in using drones to examine property damage in the wake of natural disasters. Typically, an adjuster would be sent to the scene after an event, but drones would allow for a more thorough investigation. Furthermore, they would be able to access areas that are otherwise too dangerous for adjusters. Jason Wolf, a property defense attorney, states:

"I envision a time when, after a catastrophe, an adjuster pulls up to a neighborhood and opens the trunk of his car and presses a few buttons on his tablet device and the drone does an immediate survey of everything and streams it all right to his tablet device, and he knows exactly where to go first and what’s most significant…within minutes. "

Using drones in these situations would offer significant benefits to the insurance company. The process would be much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Over time, it could even lead to lower insurance rates across the board.

Research into Claims by the State of Texas

A recent study by the Texas Department of Insurance collected more than 965 complaints against insurance companies from 2014-2015. The study included 400 complaints of underpayment, 362 of claim delays, and 203 of denials. Doris Knippa of Alvin, Texas is one of the hundreds of people who filed complaints with the department. She was forced to pay for a new roof with her own money after her insurance company denied coverage for extensive hail damage. Despite having video coverage of the golfball sized hail pummeling her roof, the company still refused to pay. Knippa was finally reimbursed after winning a 3-year court battle. Sadly, Knippa's hail damage case is just one of more than 9,000 similar cases in Texas.

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