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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: June 17 - 23

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Severe storms are prevalent in the summer and that can mean hail damage to roofs for many homeowners. However, not all shingle damage comes from storms, high winds, or hail. Sometimes a roof may unfortunately have a defective batch of shingles that are causing certain areas of a roof’s slope to age prematurely. This weekly insurance claim update will highlight some differences between actual storm damage versus defective asphalt shingles from a manufacturer.

Lifespan of Asphalt Shingles

The most common way to determine if a roof has defective shingles, is for a homeowner to notice damage when no storm has occurred in the area. The lifespan of asphalt shingles can vary depending on where a person lives, the length of different seasons, and how many storms have hit the area over a specific time period

According to an article, on Bob Vila’s home advice website, by Merv Kaufman, “Manufacturer warranties currently guarantee asphalt shingles a 15- to 30-year useful life.”

If a homeowner is noticing damage to asphalt shingles before they are even 10-years-old, and no significant storm damage has ever been reported in the local area, the shingles might be defective.

Defective Vs. Storm Damage

Defective shingles do not always occur over the entire roof. They may only be in a specific section or on a certain slope. Granular loss from the tabs is a major indicator that something is wrong with a shingle. Severe weather may also cause granular loss, but if the shingles are defective to start the loss of granules will be much greater.

According to an article published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, “When defects in the manufacturing process create areas of weakness, weathering will cause these areas of the shingles to deteriorate more quickly.”

Hail damage marks to shingles typically will look like small black circles, and leave the roof with pockmarks throughout a slope or roof slant that was facing the incoming angle of a storm. Defective shingles will have marks that are also black, but may appear more smudged and even show some cracking on the tabs.


If a person’s home was built around the same time, and by the same contractor, as others living nearby; it is worth it to see if any of those neighboring homes have shingles that appear to have aged prematurely. This could be another strong indicator that defective shingles were used in the building of the house.

Have you been denied a storm insurance claim due to defective shingles? Do you think you have defective shingles, but are unable to get answers from the manufacturer or your roofing contractor? Contact us for assistance.

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