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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: June 19 - 25

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Weekly Insurance Claim Update: Be Ready To File Hurricane Claims

In this Weekly Insurance Claim Update, we take a look at the current hurricane season, which has the potential to produce up to 12 named storms. Two to four of these may make landfall, if the predictions are correct. Homeowners should prepare now, and follow the right steps to get hurricane claims paid promptly.

Impact Probabilities

The Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University recently issued predictions for each state. The top three impact probabilities are Texas - hurricane 32%, major hurricane 11%; Florida - hurricane 49%, major hurricane 20%; and Louisiana - hurricane 29%, major hurricane 11%.

Texas averages a hurricane hit every 3 1/2 years, according to the Insurance Council of Texas. The last hurricane, Hurricane Ike, struck eight years ago, so the state is long overdue. If this season's predictions prove true, property owners need to be well-organized.

Claim Filing Tips

To get a hurricane insurance claim paid promptly:

  • Contact your insurance agent or claims department right away and keep a record of all communication with the company.
  • Take care of basic repairs to avoid additional damage. Put a tarp on the roof and cover broken windows.
  • Have your home inventory file ready to give to the adjuster.
  • Keep receipts for any living expenses you sustained after the storm -- your insurer may reimburse some of your motel and food bills.

If you have any problem with getting your claim paid, be sure to get help. The Voss Law Firm has extensive experience helping coastal residents deal with hurricane claims. Contact us. We are here to help with your insurance denials.

If No Recovery No Fee Guarenteed

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