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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: October 9 - 15

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Halloween is a fun time of year. Kids are often giddy to dress-up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. Many homeowners are also feeling excited, as they decorate their houses for the Fall season and buy loads of candy to pass out on October 31st. This weekly claim update will provide reminders to homeowners that will keep them and their homes safer during the Halloween festivities.

Fall Decorations

Setting jack-o-lanterns and gourds out on the front stoop make a home look cozy for Autumn. However, a homeowner wants to be sure that the pumpkins and decorations are not cluttering an entryway or the steps leading to a home's entrance. These decorations can get overlooked, and a person can easily trip over them and get seriously injured. Slips, trips, and falls are often accidental, however if it happens on a homeowner’s property there will be liability concerns.

According to the Insurance Information Institute“The liability portion of a homeowners or renters policy comes into play if a Halloween party guest, or a trick-or-treater is injured while at your house or apartment.”

Fall decorations should not clutter the ground, and they should also not be a hazardous obstacle for people to walk around or have to put in a lot of effort to avoid.

Homeowners should also remember to keep stairways, front porches, patios, and walkways well-lit. October brings about daylight savings, so the evenings get darker earlier. It is important that homeowners welcoming guests and trick-or-treaters have their driveways and sidewalks adequately illuminated.


Treats are the best part of Halloween, but with the spooky holiday there can also be some tricks. Vandalism to personal residences can occur, therefore homeowners should be on alert for any safety or security issues.

“Local police and insurance agents say the real scare on Halloween is vandals targeting homes and vehicles for pumpkin smashing, toilet paper rolling, raw egg battering and theft,” according to an article published by The Augusta Chronicle.

Homeowners should again keep their houses well-lit, and be sure they have their security systems programmed and on during Halloween night. If anything is stolen or vandalized over the Halloween holiday, it is important to contact the police immediately. Taking photos and making a list of all things that were damaged or stolen will also help during the claims process.

Have you been the victim of a Halloween prank that resulted in injury? Or was your home damaged by kids playing tricks while dressed in costumes? Contact us for assistance with your insurance claim.

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